Social Listening
Analytics Services

Learn more about your customers and prospects from analysing online conversation. Develop insights around their demographic and pyschographic attributes, purchase behaviours, content consumption trends and brand & interest affinities.

Ventura’s analysts can tap into brand analysis, audience insights, competitor analysis and market trend insights to drive business intelligence and decision making.

Brand Analysis

People are talking about your brand on social – understand what’s important to them. Learn more about your customers and prospects with a wide range of insights, including demographics, purchase behaviour, brand and interest affinities, and more.

We leverage best-in-class social listening tools to analyse behavioural search and engagement signals, mapping key consumer demand themes and monitoring key topics of online conversion across Social Media channels, Google search and Amazon.

This enables us to see through the lens of where consumers are in the buying journey to quantify overall consumer demand. Ultimately, this provides you with in-depth insight in order to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

See how your competitors are talked about on social in order to understand implications and identify opportunities.

Learn more about the people engaging with your competitors, and create new audiences from users who have seen competitor content in order to create unique and effective strategies for stealing market share.

Social listening and social intelligence provide key insights into how your competitors are perceived across all areas of their business, from product awareness and associated sentiment to customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Market Trend Analysis

Market and trend analysis

Compare the performance of brand and non-brand interactions in a market or across locations. To inform strategic brand and media planning, we identify and understand purchase trends, alongside behavioural and seasonal trends across consumer mindsets. We monitor volume of intent and click and conversion data across digital channels in the process of uncovering the stories behind consumer behaviour.

How do you align business creatives and content with the latest trends? We analyse social conversation to identify emerging trends and consumer needs in order to inform product development and communications plans. We map the interests, demographics and behaviours of people engaging with specific topics online to give you more insight to make data-driven decisions.

Audience Insights

Audience insights

Build personas; develop a deep understanding of attitudes, opinions, emotions and intent.

Who’s in your audience? How do they behave online? What do they have in common? In order to build increasingly effective media and communication plans, track your audience’s attitudes and behaviours in real-time.

Relevant, actionable insights and recommendations can only be developed using social listening when someone understands not just the business question, but the local culture and context of the data and conversations. Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of the platforms, the global data available and are able to use social listening technology to help gather data efficiently.

“We are technology agnostic and use the best social data tools to provide powerful consumer insights”

Our insight team conducts social listening in over 30 languages to answer our client’s most important business questions with actionable insights.

We develop unique audience insights by analysing a wide range of social data. It’s social media research that goes way beyond social listening. We interpret what people really think and feel through the comments they make, the stories they tell, the language they use, and the images they share. We’ll keep it simple. Help you see what this means for you, what the opportunities are and what you could do next.

Trusted Expertise with global brands

Client Cozini - Fashion Start Up
Sector Fashion

Undertaking in-depth social listening and market analysis to understand the digital opportunity to generate demand in a saturated market place.

Our digital growth modelling services were provided to this fashion start up with a particular focus on 2 areas: understanding online search demand and the potential to acquire this demand; and understand online engagement trends in order to help position the brands content marketing strategy in a crowded fashion marketplace.

Client Fundspace - Property Investment Start Up
Sector Property

Fundspace is a property lending marketplace, providing the ability to get funding decisions faster and reduce up front lender fees.

Ventura provided market and audience sizing services to understand the potential addressable market with a specific focus on social media channels. This provided the brand with a clear understanding of the cost to target and acquire leads within a growing millennial audience, targeted to prospects that display higher disposable income and higher propensity to invest in properties.

Client Legacy Foresight
Sector Non Profit

Legacy Foresight are the UK’s foremost analysts of the legacy and in-memory sectors. They offer benchmarking, forecasting, research and consultancy services to charity clients.

Ventura partnered with Legacy Foresight to deliver a social listening report that analysed the conversational trends around charity donations, how they have evolved over the last 5 years and how non profit organisations can position their content to maximise engagement potential.

Partnering with global data providers including: